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Lamb or Mutton?? Goat or Sheep?? Good or Bad??
So many questions :( Don't worry I got all the answers for you :)
Lamb, mutton, and hogget are all sheep meat. Lamb is the meat of a young sheep less than a year old. Mutton and hogget are older sheep. Lamb meat is the most expensive (cuz its just a baby you heartless idiot!).
Why do we Indians get so confused with goat meat and mutton?
Because we are special :). in many parts of asia, and specially India, mutton is the name of both goat and sheep meat.
Goat meat is known as Chevon in UK and parts of Europe. In USA goat meat is known as... well it is actually known as just goat meat. Uhh how confusing!
Why is goat meat so expensive?
The problem is that, unlike a lamb, a goat kid can't put on weight easily (yes they are lucky that way...until we eat them!). It takes a lot more effort from the farmer and a lot more milk. That has to be reflected in the price.
Is Goat meat healthy?
ABSOLUTELY!!!. Goat meat is healthier than lamb and is actually as healthy as, if not more than, chicken meat. It has more minerals than chicken and has lower total and saturated fat and cholesterol than chicken. It also has more protiens. Goats do not accumulate fat in their muscles like cows or pigs, and most of the fat is external which can be easily trimmed. The trimmed meat is healther in every respect compared to chicken meat (even skinless chicken meat). Goat meat is actually exceptionally lean and low in fat, compared to any other meat. Goat meat is one of the best source of zinc and iron. It also has B group vitamins including B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12. Vitamin B actually helps to burn fat cells. And to sweeten the deal it has choline and selenium which is known to prevent cancer.
So throw out all the guilt, and enjoy goat meat as the healthiest meat available on the market. Now you understand why goat meat has been so popular over centuries. And remember goat leg has the lowest fat content compared to other parts of the goat. I hope this dispels the nasty lies swirling in your head that red meat is bad and white meat is god-sent.
Fun Fact - Beef has twice the fat content of goat meat, and pork has thrice the amount! Chicken has same fat content, but more calories and saturated fat!
Another fun fact - Intensively farmed meat is full of harmful chemicals (read Beef, Pork and Chicken). Goats can't really be reared intensively and must largely have a natural diet (remember I said earlier they take a lot of effort to grow). You can't just pump a goat full of hormones and end up in the Governor of California. So goat meat is safer and more natural as well.
NOTE: It is important to trim the fat before cooking. Don't eat all the fat you fatso!!!! I said the meat is healthy not the fat! understand?
If you are still not convinced that goat meat is actually a health food... you are very difficult to convince.