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Dum Pukht (Mutton)
Dum Pukht is a style of slow cooking introduced to India by the Mughals. The idea is to cook the meat slowly in its own juices in an air tight vessel (tradionally we used wheat dough to seal the cover to the sides).
"Dum" literally means "to breath" in persian. I have no clue what breathing has to do with slow cooking!
The first documented Dum Pukht recipe was found in Mughal Emperor Akbar's Ain-i-Akbari, about 400 years ago.



500 gm (Assorted cut) 

Chopped Ginger

1 tbsp

Chopped Garlic

1 tbsp

Onion (medium)

4 (sliced)

Dry red chilli

4 (Crushed in to bits)

Green Cardamom


Kebabchini (kind of pepper)




Curd (Yoghurt)

100 gm


1 tbsp


15 pc (sliced)


10 gm 


 100 gm

Wheat flour 

1 cup 


To Taste (but you knew that already, right?)


 Serves - 4



1. Beat curd with 2 tbsp water. Mix all spices and salt and sugar to curd. Marinade mutton pieces in this mixture for at least 2 hours.

2. Heat ghee in a heavy bottomed. Add mutton with marinate, pour 1/2 cup water and cover.

3. Make dough with wheat flour and water. Seal the cover with this dough. If panicky here - See note later for help.

4. Cook on very slow flame for 30 min (a little more if you prefer more tender meat).


That's it, you're done.


Note: For those who are mad at me for step 3 - alternative is buy a slow cooker. Or use your imagination and seal the pot somehow. I wouldn't use the pressure cooker. It builds up too much pressure. The dough seal allows the food to breathe during cooking. Oh! I just realized why this style of cooking is named "Dum" or breathe! So I guess you could use a pressure cooker, but put temperature at low, to make sure there is no high pressure build up.